Lucerne Cocoa & Chocolate Products Limited

Working With Us

In recent years, we have witnessed a consistent increase in chocolate consumption within the domestic market, particularly through the application of chocolate into other products in the bakery industry, such as desserts, breads, cakes, etc.

Notably, several corporate giants are opting for locally sourced chocolate from Lucerne rather than importing because (a) we offer customized solutions with low minimum order quantities, (b) lead times are lower, (c) therefore inventory amounts and costs are lower and (d) we are producing a quality that our competitors just have not been able to produce in the past. As such, it is likely that local manufacturing will continue to grow in popularity as a means of meeting the demand for chocolate products in the domestic market.

Taking into account the various factors, we are projecting a minimum growth of 20% in the chocolate market, with a potential market size of 1,700 metric tons for the upcoming financial year.